Our Products

Esdiac has built a significant customer base in the diaspora, many of whom reside in the western world, with familial ties to the following countries

Our Products

Mobile Calling App

Call any mobile or land line anywhere with direct Dial! The person you are calling does not need to have the app installed. Outbound calls with caller ID verified number, no dropped calls with best quality, clear and always static- free calls.

Calling Card

With the international calling cards you can easy add credit to your wallet. call the access number in the back of the card Follow the prompt and choose your preferred language

Web Conference

We use high quality HD technology that uses minimal Wi-Fi to power the app. Esdiac allows you to enjoy clear and no dropped calls with family and friends anywhere at any time.

Our Advantages

ONE ACCOUNT, endless options. Read more about why ESDIAC is the TOP-Rated International Calling App!

Call Anyone Anywhere With Direct Dial

The person you are calling doesn't need to have the [esdiac] app installed or to be online; you can easily call any phone, anywhere in the world. We can connect you to over 700 locations in the world! There is no need for access codes or pins. Stay connected with your friends and family no matter where you are. #beconnected


Robocalls are a burden leaving many people unwilling to pickup the phone unless they know the caller. Friends &family will feel secure knowing who is calling them as your own number is displayed when calling. We validate your number before it can be used for outbound calls to ensure your own and your friends&family’s safety.

Low Cost International Calling

We offer the lowest rates to more than 700 locations worldwide with no hidden fees. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection, no cellular or data plan required. PLUS, you are always in control. You can see your account balance & rates right from within the app. Save up to 90% on international calls with NO hidden fees.

Secured Payments

All payments are processed thorugh our safe&secure servers. We accept all major Credit Cards, Flutterwave, PayStack and Paypal. No waiting, no escrow or max load. We offer more ways to beconnected.

No Hidden Fees

You are in control. You can always see your account balance, per minute rates right from within the app. We will always let you know the cost of a call before the connection is made. There are NO hidden fees.

Share Balance

Want to share your fortune? Top up any mobile number with NO fees and NO hidden charges. You can easily top up friends’ and family accounts if they don’t have a Credit/Debit Card or PayPal.