How it Works

Modern telecommunication infrastructure is important for economic growth, as some of the problems that exist today are due to the lack of adequate digital infrastructure.

How Do You Use ESDIAC?

Step 1

Download the Esdiac International Calling App on Google play or android Store. The application is also disponible using the web dialer platform.

Step 2

Use your phone number to register a new account on the mobile application or link your phone number on our web platform.

Step 3

Sync your contact, and call anywhere in the word at a cheap rate.

Step 4

Reload your account using reload calling card, or payment via credit/debit card, PayPal and many other payment methods

Why Esdiac App

To combat prohibitive costs and high rates for international calls and fund transfers to developing nations, Esdiac offers digital and recharge card options at affordable rates for reloading audio call minutes, this puts Esdiac in the running to compete with established players in the space.

Our customers love it!