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Esdiac for traveler

When traveling out of Nigeria and using Nigeria’s best virtual mobile App.

(Esdiac International Calling App). It is the best way to reach out to friends & family or communicate back home. The Esdiac International Calling App has an easy way to reload / or credit your Esdiac App to continue making calls while you are outside the of the country. From Dubai, Egypt, the UK, or the US.

You can reach out to the Esdiac Customer Care Support team in Nigeria. By calling our office Telephone number. You will be assigned a sales agent who will help answer any questions and help with all your needs.

Our sales agents are available anytime you need a call credit or advice on how to reload at an affordable rate from anywhere you are globally.

Before traveling out of Nigeria, be sure you have downloaded and registered the Esdiac International Calling App from the App Store and Google Play Store.