ESDIAC App on iPhone and Android
ESDIAC App on iPhone and Android
ESDIAC App on iPhone and Android

About Us


ESDIAC is dedicated to proving the most reliable International pre-paid telecommunication solutions for consumers and businesses, either through our Calling Cards or App. We understand the challenge of being apart from friends and family back home. Staying in touch, either via calls, messaging or video chat, should be safe, simple and affordable. At ESDIAC we believe in innovation, in honest marketing and advertisement of our products and providing you with the best possible experience. We aim to provide our customers with the most competitive pricing and friendly customer service.

Dowload today and receive USD $1 for free calling!


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Calling App

Esdiac App allows you to call your contacts directly. After downloading the app and click on the register button to create an account on the App. If you are an iPhone user, choose your choice of verification, either sms or phone call. If your choice is a phone call, you will receive a call, asking to verify your number by pressing 1. Then your account is set up automatically. If your choice is sms, you will receive a four digit pin, type it in and your account is set up. For Android users, your phone number is verified automatically. Buy your call credit and call as much as you want. You have a free $1 call credit once you successfully register and it does not expire.
Yes you can, but you need the sim you used to register the account to be active and for security reasons, verification will be sent to your phone to ensure that you are the owner of the account about to be accessed on another device.
Absolutely! Esdiac gives you the service to call internationally to your contacts who do not have the app, it calls directly to your contact's phone regardless of the type of device they have. It simply calls directly to the receiver’s phone and all at a low rate.
No. You can’t, you need an internet connection to power the app, but the app only uses at the lowest data to function.
Yes you can, provided you don't log out of your account and do not change your phone.
Please Contact our Customer Service so we can Deactivate your Account. You can email us at
Esdiac collects permission from you to import your contact from your phone to the app. It is not mandatory but we recommend you do to make your experience using the app smooth and fun.
We will never give out your information to any third parties. We value our customers’ privacy. For more information, check our Privacy Policy.
Yes, you can, Esdiac offers high vdeo call quality at the cheapest rate possible. To use use the video call, your contact must have Esdiac App installed and registered on their phone.
Calling Card
Simply by Esdiac prepaid calling card from any of our authorized retailers or agents, dial any of the access numbers at the back of the card, and follow the voice prompt. Access numbers are: +1-347-903-0910, +1-415-854-9276, +1-773-245-0458.
No, you can use the prepaid calling card on any device without Esdiac app. As long as the phone as network access, then you are good to go.
No, it doesn't expire.
No, you don't. The company don't assign its users rented number. When you call, your phone number shows as the Caller ID, so your call receiver knows who is calling.
Yes, it does. Even though you called an access number, your phone number is displayed as the caller on the receiver's phone. We do not hide Caller ID.
No, you do not. Get Esdiac calling card, dial one of the access number at the back of the card and follow the voice prompt.
Yes, you can. If you have Esdiac App on your phone and a registered account, you can load the remaining prepaid card value directly on the account menu in the app.
It is not advisable to,because you will be charged by your network provider for calling a US access number.