Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

  • What is Esdiac Global App?

    • Esdiac Global is a mobile app that allows you to make local and international calls and send text messages to friends and family in over 200 countries and territories with ease.
    • Esdiac is available over Wi-Fi and/or 3G/4g. We ensure best call quality and messaging speed at very low rates!
  • Where do I download the Esdiac App?

    Esdiac is available for Android (Google Play) and Apple (App Store) devices.

  • How do I use Esdiac?

    Once you download Esdiac onto your phone, you’ll be asked to create an account. Then you’ll receive a phone call, asking to verify your number. Press 1. Now you’re account is set up!

  • Is it mandatory to create an account?


  • Can I use my account on multiple devices?

    No. We do not allow this to protect your personal information and to prevent theft.

  • Can I call people who are not on Esdiac?

    Absolutely! Esdiac gives you the ability to call and send messages outside of the app at very low rates!

  • Can I make calls without Internet?

    Yes. As long as you have a strong Wi-Fi connection you will be able to use Esdiac without Internet.

  • Do I need a data plan to use Esdiac?

    Not necessarily. You’ll need data to download Esdiac but you will not need it to make calls. You will still be able to use the app if your service is turned off.


  • Where do I find the calling rates for mobile/landline numbers?

    You can find calling rates at and/or under the tab “Prices” in the Esdiac app.

  • How do I buy Esdiac credit?

    There’s two ways to purchase Esdiac credit:

    1. You can log into the app and purchase credit using Apple Pay, PayPal or Direct Pay.

    2. You can go to and purchase credit as a guest.

  • Is there monthly plans?

    No. We currently don’t offer monthly plans.

  • Where do I find my current balance?

    You can find your current credit balance inside of the Esdiac app under the tab “Buy Credit”.

  • Are Esdiac credits refundable?

    No. We currently don’t have that policy but Esdiac credits never expire. So if you go inactive from Esdiac, your credit will be waiting for you when you return!

Technical Support

  • Can I continue using the app if I changed my phone number?

    Yes. The only time your phone number will be needed is when you create and verify your account.

  • I no longer want to use Esdiac. How can I deactivate my account?

    Once you delete Esdiac app from your device your account will automatically be deleted.

  • I lost my device! How can I deactivate my account without my phone?

    Please contact our customer service so we can deactivate your account.

  • Is it mandatory to transfer my contact list to Esdiac?

    No but we do recommend you do, preventing you from spending unnecessary time entering each phone number you want to call or text.

  • How does Esdiac protect my privacy?

    We will never give out your information to any third parties. Also, once you change or delete something from Esdiac app the information is also removed from our system.